Aaron Rodgers shot a commercial with Prevea today

Some more photos from yesterday’s minicamp practice

I would say Aaron would approve of the Packers.com caption: Aaron Rodgers shows off his #midrange.

Aaron Rodgers posted on Twitter a pic of the GB quarterback room in support of Jim Kelly

Start of minicamp today for the Packers

Aaron Rodgers speaking at his locker today after minicamp

Let’s take a moment to appreciate NFL on Instagram

Headshots today😂😂

Aaron Rodgers supporting Team USA today

"Great moments are born from great opportunity."

Herb Brooks

"You can’t control everything. But you can control the way you respond to it and control the things you do, the decisions you make."

Aaron Rodgers

"I’m very comfortable now in my own skin, where a few years ago things used to bother me a lot more."

Aaron Rodgers

"Words can fall on deaf ears when there are no actions associated with it."

Aaron Rodgers

"You can’t write the story of your life, but you can write your character."

Aaron Rodgers
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